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Welcome to the Official Website of Talsery Biofuels.

Talsery Biofuels converts Agri-waste to Biomass Briquettes used as Fuel.

Biomass Briquette are clean, green and renewable option to Fossil Fuels.

Let's use briquettes the renewable source of energy and contribute to reduce Global Warming.

Every year millions of tons of agricultural waste are generated– Coconut Fronts, Palm Fronts, Rice Husk, Paddy Hay, Sugarcane Trash, Shells (Groundnut, Coconut and Arecanut), Stalks, Saw Dust and the like. These waste have a bulk density or 0.1 to 0.2 g/cm3 and hence difficult to handle and economically unviable to transport. These are either mulched or burnt inefficiently in their loose form causing air pollution and contributing to Global Warming.

Conversion efficiencies are as low as 40% with particulate emissions in the flue gases in excess of 3,000 mg/ Nm³. Large percentage of unburnt carbonaceous ash is difficult to dispose. However, these wastes provide a Renewable source of energy. These can be converted to high-density material called BRIQUETTE. Briquettes have a bulk density of 0.6 to 1.1 gm/cm3, which makes it ideal to handle and transport.

  • Manufacture and Supply of Biomass Briquettes.

  • Contract Production of Briquettes & Pellets.

  • Supply, Erection and Training of Biomass Briquette Machines.

  • Green Energy Consulting.

  • Energy Plantations

  • Biomass Gasifier Plants for Combined Heat & power

  • Solar Power & Thermal

  • Biogas Plants (Industrial applications)

Talsery Biofuels

  • Talsery Biofuels primary business is to manufacture and supply Biomass Briquettes to be used as Fuel in Boilers and Industrial Stoves.
  • Production unit located at Koothuparamba, Kannur District, Kerala to take advantage of the waste generated from the Plywood industry and Sawmills in the immediate vicinity.

What is Briquettes

Biomass briquettes are a fuel of the future. Biomass Briquettes are made from Agricultural waste, wood cutting waste (saw dust and chips) and forestry waste.
Commonly known as white coal or bio coal, these are a natural, eco-friendly and economic replacement to fossil fuels in boiler and heating applications.
Biomass briquettes are classified as a renewable source of energy and avoid adding fossil carbon to the atmosphere.

Types of Briquettes

Europe and the United States have pursued and perfected the reciprocating Ram/Piston press while Japan developed the Screw Press technology.
Briquetting to convert loose biomass of bulk density 0.1 to 0.2 g / cm³ to Briquettes of 0.6 to 1.1 gm/cm3 has found wide acceptance in India
for a variety of energy uses, mainly in Industrial Stoves and Boilers as fuel. Briquettes burn cleanly and therefore eco-friendly.

Briquettes advantages over Wood

Briquettes are ready substitute of Lignite/Coal/wood in industrial canteens, hotels, Hospitals, boiler and brick kiln for thermal application.

Biomass briquettes are

  • Non-conventional Source of energy
  • Renewable in nature
  • Eco friendly
  • non polluting
  • economical and
  • Carbon-neutral.
  • Process of converting biomass to solid fuel is also non-polluting.
  • It does not require to add any binder/chemicals so it is 100% natural.

Advantages of Briquettes over other commonly used fuels – Wood, Diesel, FO & LPG

  • Economically cheaper than coal, wood and other fuels
  • Not a hazardous or poisonous material
  • Pollution free and eco-friendly
  • Briquettes have high calorific (4,200 Kcal) value than coal and wood (2,800 Kcal)
  • No ash content
  • Easy to handle
  • No fly ash when they burn
  • Renewable energy fuel
  • As the moisture is low (<6%), the burning efficiency is higher and consistent than wood (>40%)
  • Agro–forestry wastes are disposed in a hygienic way by converting them into briquettes that do not cause pollution nor hazardous to health.

Benefit of the Hi-Cal Briquette as fuel

  • Low ignition point compared to Wood, lignite and coal
  • Sustained efficient combustion than loose materials (Briq density 1.2 g/cm3 & wood ~0.3)
  • Clean fuel does not char
  • No gas or effluents like coal
  • Easy handling, easy to store against coal and loose agro waste material
  • Low ash content
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safer as it minimizes health hazards
  • Improves burning of inferior quality coals
  • Help conserve fossil fuel
  • Least disturbances to ecological balance

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